• Cat Lewin RYT-200, Warriors At Ease Level 1

    In 2002, I took my first teacher instructed class with a few coworkers in a conference room. I had no idea what I was doing or what any of the poses were, but I was intrigued and soon developed a deep love for the practice. 

    In January of 2017  I signed up for a beginner series at The Yoga Sanctuary of Belleville to introduce my husband to yoga in the hope that it would help alleviate the severe lower back pain that he was experiencing. I took the classes to support him and to start my practice up again. In March I started the  Enhanced Yoga series held on Wednesday evenings (they are WONDERFUL!) and was fully engaged in the deep dive back into yoga. In 2018, I started my teacher training in the inaugural year of teacher training at the Yoga Sanctuary. I graduated in December of 2018 and am now so proud to be teaching there myself.

    My primary focus is Hatha yoga as well as Trauma Sensitive yoga, concentrating on safe alignment for your body while integrating breathwork, meditation and other components of the 8 Liimbs of yoga. Yoga is creating breath and body awareness, length and space in our bodies and guiding students to find stillness in every day. Namaste!

  • Meredith Brunner

    Welcome our newest yoga instructor (also a massage therapist.)  

  • Dawn Coulson, RMT

    Dawn Coulson is a graduate of The Body Therapy Center/School of Massage. She has been practicing the art of therapeutic bodywork since 1999. She is licensed by the State of Illinois and certified in several different modalities including Swedish relaxation, stretching, trigger point release, prenatal techniques and hot stone massage. Dawn is passionate about the positive effects of healing touch. Always striving to share the benefits of massage therapy with each of her clients. She encourages regular therapy as part of her clients' general self-care regimen.

    "A therapeutic massage can assist in connecting the mind, body, and spirit; creating a safe environment for healing and re-balancing." -Dawn

  • Jo Archer

    Joanne (Jo) Archer is a gypsy at heart and a true free spirit. She has an insatiable curiosity to learn, expand, and experience new things while preserving her passion for health, philanthropy, travel, nature, horses and family.

    Jo’s journey in Yoga started from a need for personal growth, inner peace and healing, as well as physical wellbeing. This journey started many years ago as she trekked through Europe, Northern Africa, and the Swiss Alps in search of something bigger than herself. She is fortunate to nurture many important roles in her life: daughter, sister, mother, and now teacher, a role she always felt destined to fufill.
    Jo is committed to helping others find their center, offering a pathway to new found peace and enlightenment. Jo is not afraid to dig deep, and lives without inhibition.
    Jo offers a certain openness that is rare and raw in the most positive of ways. With extensive experience and training in dance, and fittness she has such appreciation for movement and physical empowerment which is evident in her teaching style.
    Born in California, Jo has since lived in numerous countries, settling in O'Fallon over a decade ago. She has three teenage boys and a sweet pooch named Sophie.

  • Gary Brandt- Tai chi instructor

    T’ai chi is a beautiful and graceful art form. There is also great power that comes from relaxing and aligning the body with gravity. T’ai chi is described as “stillness in motion” and as a “moving meditation”. My interest in T’ai Chi started 15 years ago when I learned how good it was for the body and mind and that it connects us with a more natural state of being. In this time I have studied with several different teachers and have learned several different forms. Seven years ago I was asked by my teacher to fill in for him and found that I enjoyed working with people and helping them find harmony of body and mind. I continue to study and see myself developing this art through the rest of my life. If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.

  • Mary Housman
    I started my yoga journey after retirement from the business world. After working in an office environment for 30 years, I found I had joint pain in several areas of my body. A friend suggested yoga and so began my yoga journey. The practice of yoga healed my body, increased my flexibility, balance and strength. It has made my everyday activities more enjoyable and pain free. Yoga has made such a difference in my life that I want to share with others. In 2014, I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training course in St Louis. My goal is to teach yoga to seniors so that they too can experience the healing power of yoga. Remember…you are never too old to start something new!! Namasté
  • Lissa Stallings-Boone E-RYT, YAECP, YTT Program Director
    I know my yoga roots began at age 4 with training in classical ballet. Ballet and Yoga share a special likeness as Living-Arts. I continued dance training for 13 years. Moving from young adult to adulthood, I found the need to move my body and maintain my optimal level of health and wellness. I did this through differing forms of physical activity. I dedicated my life energy to helping others stay healthy, happy and well. It was 1997 when I felt a strong tug to return, in some form, to my ballet/dance roots. I yearned for the fluidity of body and openness of heart I discovered through movement. I have always believed the human body to be an AMAZING work of art. Designed precisely to move and be moved; do and not do; suffer and heal; enjoy and be enjoyed; AND ALWAYS love and be loved. Every BODY is designed with powerful levers (joints)and pulleys (muscles) that must be moved or will become unusable. Each person is uniquely designed and has a individual vibration. So, YOGA was my answer to satisfy the extrinsic and intrinsic yearns and needs (that most people experience). 1998 unexpectedly found me learning under the graceful heart of Yogi, John Deminico. It was Yogi John who exemplified the shedding of ego…..MY EGO! He expressed yoga as a practice for EVERYONE and ALL-ONES. I shed my competitive soul and found an appreciation for what heart, mind, body and soul will allow me each day. My extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology coupled with a receiving heart, allow me to learn ʻanewʼ every moment I practice the living-art of yoga. I have practiced yoga in magnificent places around the world. A moment for yoga can happen any time, any place. Yoga is always available if one is willing. My yearly vigil to restore and expand my yoga practice finds me under the tutelage of Gay White in beautiful Taos, New Mexico. This is a time of fine-tuning, exploration and growth. I never cease learning and sharing a deeper connection with the practice of yoga. This yearly immersion in yoga brings me great joy. This joy I pass on to every student that is curious enough to come to the mat. The one reward of yoga that never fails is JOY! PURE JOY! Kindness And Joy And Compassion And Equanimity Are Yours To Give And Receive, Abundantly. Namasté.
  • Sara Catlett
    As an advocate of natural healing and massage therapy, I have found that the steady practice of yoga goes hand in hand with body and energy work. I began practicing yoga as a way to relieve heavy anxiety, as yoga brings peace to the mind and relieves stresses held within the body. Shortly after completing my education in massage and energy therapy, I finished my 200 hours of training in Saint Louis, MO, in May of 2015. I am currently certified in singing bowl sound therapy, Pranic Healing and level two Reiki and incorporate these aspects into my teachings. I plan to become 500 hour certified in the future, as yoga is called a practice because we are never done learning. As a natural wanderlust, I am always on the move, seeking new adventures and traveling constantly. I find so much joy in seeing the earth’s beauty and learning about myself along the way. I have led yoga classes at music festivals, which is a huge passion of mine. I find incorporating yoga with dance and music creates an abundance of healing. I look forward to where my yoga journey continues and all the people who come to the mat to practice with me. Love Always, Sara